Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Open Letter to Sekunjalo

This is an open letter in response to what can only be described as a desperate, threatening and evasive diatribe issued by Sekunjalo and its Cherie Hendricks to questions which Feike published on this BLOG and which were published in the Business Report today (

Instead of answering any of the questions put to her, Hendricks threatens to sue Feike for "defamation", calls the Business Report the spokesperson for Smit Amandla and attempts to attack Feike's credibility by falsely stating that its Managing Director, Shaheen Moolla, was/is being investigated by the Serious Economic Offences Unit of the SAPs (Feike is in fact working with SAPs and the Fisheries department's special investigations unit to arrest a known conman and fraudster, Yusuf Achmat).

To really cap it all, Hendricks concludes that all of the negative publicity against her employer, Sekunjalo, can only be ascribed to the fact that it is a "black company". She farcically demands that her response as a "black woman" be published! How tragic. When you run out out explanations, justifications and defences, haul out the mother of all "defences" - racism!

We reiterate that both Sekunjalo and the Minister of Fisheries have refused to answer an array of critical questions posed to them. We do however trust that the Public Protector will indeed flush these out for us. Feike will not be deterred by threats of litigation and we certainly will not stop asking the hard questions.

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