Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The lead editorial in the Cape Times this morning perhaps encapsulates just how surreal and farcical the Fisheries Minister's suggestion to move the Fisheries Branch to Pretoria is.

The editorial reminds us of a story dating back to the 1980's of a meeting between the apartheid government and Zambia's Cabinet, where Zambia's Prime Minister introduced his Minister of the Navy to South Africa's PM, BJ Vorster. Vorster interjected asking why does Zambia have a Minister of the Navy when it's a land-locked country. Zambia's Kaunda retorted by asking why does apartheid South Africa have a Minister of Justice!

When a Minister in a Cabinet so plainly becomes the butt of such comedic errors one would hope she would have the decency to resign and retire to her holiday home in Sweden that she reminds us about.

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