Monday, January 6, 2014

Where are those Scoresheets Desmond Stevens?

Where are right holders' scoresheets and evaluation forms? Why have these still not been made available to right holders? Why were these not published on the very day the decisions were made? 

Why were right holders told by the rights allocation unit just last week Friday morning that DAFF would not be making these available? Were scoresheets even produced and used by Desmond Stevens prior to 30 December 2013? How were applications scored and ranked and then compared to each other? Why are none of these questions capable of being answered by studying the General Published Reasons (GPR's) documents for any of the fisheries? If each evaluation criterion was scored why were these scores not published in the respective fishery GPR's as they were done in 2005? Similarly, why was the list of successful and unsuccessful applicants not listed with their respective scores in these GPR's? Were any of the applications in fact scored? 

Were staff at DAFF busy drafting (ie fraudulently contriving scoresheets and evaluation sheets) this past weekend? 

Are they aware that the truth will eventually come out like when Feike proved DAFF and its Minister had repeatedly lied to the west coast coast rock lobster industry and public about the existence of "socio-economic" and scientific reports that supposedly justified the 2012 lobster TAC decision? 

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