Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shark Demersal Decisions: Error-Ridden Nonsense

The decisions in the shark demersal fishery are truly bizarre! If ever there is a set of decisions ripe for review, it is in this fishery. 

Firstly, every long term right holder failed in their bid to have their rights re-allocated despite the fact that at least 3 of the right holders have invested in shark long line gear, harvest and export shark products, sustain many jobs in the sector and importantly created some unique export markets for shark products. 

Secondly, BMC Visserye CC is listed as both on the unsuccessful and successful lists! So which one is it? 

Thirdly, Fisherman Fresh CC, is also listed on both the unsuccessful and reserved lists! 

But without doubt the clearest ground for review is the allocation of a fishing right to the new entrant, Unathi-Wena Fishing CC. Despite the fact that this entity failed to nominate a suitable vessel for this fishery - which should have resulted in its immediate exclusion in terms of the shark policy - it was allocated a fishing right. 

It is our view that the error-ridden decisions in the shark demersal fishery - in particular the decision to allocate a right to the vessel-less Unathi-Wena Fishing CC - should be reviewed and set aside.

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