Sunday, May 5, 2013

Speculation about the next Acting DDG

Feike has been inundated with speculation as to who the next acting DDG of the fisheries branch will be. This is not unexpected considering that this imploded and increasingly pointless branch (they are now going to even hand-over the Sarah Baartman to environmental affairs!) has had 10 acting DDG's to date. We wont consider the grating Greta Apelgren-Narkedien a permanent deployment because she held out for less time than most of the previous actors.

The most common name being speculated to "act' is that of the Minister's lap-dog, Desmond Stevens. Many people are strangely perplexed by this possibility noting that he is "only" a director and so cannot lawfully act at the level of DDG and of course that he does not have any post-matric qualification (but you can blame apartheid for that) and he keeps admitting in public that he knows nothing about fisheries management.

We of course cant understand the reason for the 'perplexion'! Firstly those stupid rules regulating the civil service and qualifications and meeting job requirements are meant to be broken. Just ask Apelgren who told us as much on Carte Blanche. Only the completely naive still think this government is supposed to adhere to any rules and laws. The stupid (ie us) alone must adhere. 

Secondly, there have been 10 DDG's straight who occupied the fancy DDG suite of offices without having the remotest clue about fisheries management. Why must the 11th be expected to know anything. THAT would be just plain unfair and discriminatory. How dare we deny the next acting DDG the benefits of high public office just because he fails to meet a single one of the advertised mandatory criteria for the job.

The only requirements for the job of DDG are that your R12 ANC membership is in order and you are part of the right faction and will tow the line. How else do you explain the types of "deployments" in the civil service that are not even questioned anymore. How do you go from being bad at being the head of department for the department of housing in one province, to being the national head of fisheries (and admitting that you dont have the qualifications for the job) and then being appointed to head up housing in another gullible province? 

And then we scratch our heads and struggle to understand why the rights allocation process is in the dwang despite an 8 year "heads-up"; why for more than 12 months we have not had any fisheries research and patrols conducted by our billion rand fleet of vessels; why not a single new fishery has been declared for more than 9 years despite repeated empty comments about "transformation" and "empowerment" and all that nonsense about helping coastal communities - we are still talking about 22 commercial fisheries when we should be talking about no less than 27 or 29 commercial and small-scale fisheries. 

So dont come here with your counter-revolutionary, imperialist, colonialist, neo-liberal talk about rules, laws and job requirements. 

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