Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The DAFF website is the answer to our questions!

There can be no doubt that an organisation's public profile today is defined by its various e-platforms. Whether the platform is the "traditional" website, an interactive blog, Facebook, Twitter... these tell the world what you are thinking and where you are at. Used cleverly, these platforms market the organisation's vision and instills confidence in it.

So the department of fisheries' website (it has no other e-platform to profile itself and speak to fishing industry) is a comical tragedy. Under "BREAKING NEWS", the latest news item is from October 2010! Has nothing remotely relevant happened in the fishing industry since October 2010?

And don't bother with trying to open any of the other pages as they are still all under "construction"! Remember the "new" department of fisheries came into being in June 2009 - that is, in the previous decade! It took less time to build entire soccer stadiums.

Under the "Management" link (which does exist), we are told that the acting DDG is Richard Seleke. Seleke is ancient history. There have been about 4 acting DDG's since him. We cant even remember who he is or when he "acted".

But the website does accurately reflect who and what DAFF is... out-dated, irrelevant and not remotely interested in or concerned with fisheries.

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