Sunday, May 25, 2014

Abalone Divers to Become Steenbras Line Fishers!

According to the Minister of Fisheries, our 303 abalone fishers must not worry if their fishery is unilaterally closed in the next 60 days ... because they will instead be allowed to catch .... RED STEENBRAS!

The Minister of Fisheries must have completely lost her marbles. Did this foolish Minister forget that the traditional line fishery is in a state of environmental crisis? Is she unaware that the 300 abalone divers harvest approximately 90 tons (at least) of abalone worth nothing less than R250/kg to R350/kg while steenbras catches have not exceeded 8 tons since 2002 according to her own department's records? Not to mention that steenbras does not sell for anything more than R10-15/kg?

So how are 300 abalone right holders to survive on 8 tons of steenbras worth R15/kg!!

With this level of stupidity running DAFF, is it any wonder why our fisheries are in such a state of chaos and collapse.

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