Monday, March 3, 2014

More than 50 Key Posts Abolished at DAFF

Feike has been informed that due to management delinquency and even deliberate mismanagement, more than 50 key posts at the Fisheries Branch have been abolished despite substantial amounts of money having been spent on advertising, flying interviewees to Cape Town and paying the appointed HR company its professional fees. 

What is of grave concern is that many of these posts are in Compliance, Research and Management and a number of them were intended to oversee the implementation of the small-scale fisheries policy and small-scale fisheries research and management. The reality is now that even if the fish was magically found for the unimplementable small-scale fisheries policy, DAFF has abolished almost every post created to implement small-scale fisheries management! 

To compound the problem of fisheries mismanagement, a number of posts in the compliance chief directorate have also been abolished now, including posts for compliance officers and two important regional compliance deputy director posts. 

The abolishment of these posts will furthermore adversely impact DAFF's ability to implement any of the proposed changes to the Marine Living Resources Act, particularly the amendments aimed at allocating fishing rights to co-operatives. 

The abolishment of these posts by DAFF's top managers of course could simply be an admission that the small-scale fisheries policy is never intended to be implemented and the current proposed amendments to the MLRA are merely rhetoric; again with no intention that these will actually be implemented. 

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