Thursday, August 2, 2012

Part 2: Is Tina Smoking Another Red Herring?

Our BLOG, Is Tina Smoking Another Red Herring, has elicited substantial comment and questions as to what would motivate the Minister of DAFF to suddenly proclaim that her department is rat-infested for the second time since March. 

Only in South Africa can an ANC Minister consider it almost cathartic to admit that her / his department is riddled with corruption, mismanagement and dysfunction. This is increasingly the favoured  defence, having been deployed by, inter alia, the Minister of Education Without Textbooks and the Minister of Public Dont Works. Nevermind that they are supposed to be responsible for these dysfunctional, corrupt and incompetent departments.

So the question is why has the Minister of Fisheries issued another press statement about her corrupt department but this time also talking about "internal and external" threats to destabalise her department. We contented that her screams about her corrupt department and all the brouhaha she mouthed out yesterday was nothing more than a red-herring. 

And perhaps we are right. Pieter van Dalen, the Shadow Deputy Minister for Fisheries, DA, has alerted us to the fact that the Public Protector has submitted her preliminary report to the Minister of Fisheries on her role and that of her departmental officials in the Sekunjalo tender debacle and perhaps this report has confirmed what the DA, Feike and the wider public and media have been saying about the Sekunjalo R800m tender. This would explain Tantrum Tina's rant about "internal and external" threats! 

We understand that the Public Protector has given the Minister of Fisheries until 20 August 2012 to respond to the findings. We wonder what that report to the Minister states? 

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