Monday, May 7, 2012

A Government Confused

The Cape Times this morning reports a rather arrogant and clearly uninformed "spokesperson" for the Defence Department, a Siphiwe Dlamini, stating that the "navy did not require Smit Amandla's expertise..." He goes on to state "who is Smit Amandla to teach the Navy about what to do? We are crewing those vessels..."

Err, no the Navy is not crewing those vessels, Mr Dlamnini. The Navy does not have a cooking clue how to operate the vessels. In fact Mr Dlamini, none of the patrol vessels or the research vessels (save for the African which is crewed by Smit staff) have even had their engines started since they were handed to the Navy on 30 March. The Navy does not even know how to start the vessels! 

(And lets not remind ourselves that our Navy is not remotely competent if we cannot distinguish between an AC and DC socket resulting in severe damage to one of our non-functioning billion rand Naval submarines). 

Then Mr Dlamini, did you not hear what Rear Admiral Mhlana said on Carte Blanche on 6 May 2012? Admiral Mhlana stated that the Navy needs Smit Amandla crew members to advise them for a further three to six months.

How is it possible to have such incompetent yet grossly arrogant civil servants? 

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