Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feike Talks Shop with Deputy Shadow Fisheries Minister

South Africa's official opposition political party, the Democratic Alliance, has appointed Pieter van Dalen (pictured, right) as its Deputy Shadow Minister for Fisheries. Pieter will also act as the party's spokesperson on fisheries.

Barely two weeks after his official appointment, Pieter van Dalen met with Feike's Shaheen Moolla to discuss the various opportunities, challenges and crises facing fisheries management in South Africa.

Pieter is an avid fisherman himself and by the time he sat down with Feike, he had already identified the principal areas he would like to focus on. As we have already seen, the bizarre and highly questionable R800 million tender bonanza allocated to Sekunjalo is a priority.

In addition, Pieter wants to focus on the ongoing mismanagement of our fishing harbours, the potential crisis facing the next round of quota allocations set for 2013 and looking at ways of growing our commercial and artisinal fisheries as opposed to unsustainably divvying up the current fisheries amongst more and more participants.

Pieter has already begun scheduling meetings with members of the South African fishing industry so as to obtain a broader spectrum of views and opinions.

And this is in month one. We certainly look forward to working with the Deputy Shadow Minister.

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