Monday, January 9, 2012

WCRL Season Extension Requested

The Recreational Fishing Services, which is a voluntary association of recreational lobster and angling fishers, has requested that the Fisheries Minister extend the current recreational lobster season.

Their request is motivated by three reasons, being the following:

1. The public has never been properly advised of the new lobster fishing season. To date the Fisheries Department's website only reflects the 2010/2011 season and the Minister has never made any public statement on the new lobster season.

2. It would appear that DAFF failed to issue recreational lobster permits to all Post Offices. The Recreational Fishing Services undertook a snap survey and found only 3 of 16 Western Cape Post Offices with recreational lobster permits.

3. The bad weather experienced since the opening of the season has cut fishing time by between 50% and 60%, which means a large proportion of the recreational lobster TAC remains in the water.

There is no reason why the season should not be extended. It however remains the Minister's prerogative to extend the current regulatory timeframes for the season.

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