Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feike Develops New Fishery Management Modules

Feike has complemented the current fishery information and statistical systems (FINSS) database by developing a series of integrated web-based fishery management modules for the Mozambique Ministry of Fisheries.

We have developed the following 3 management modules:

  • Administration Module, which monitors and tracks budgets, income and expenditure within a fisheries administration department;
  • Trade Module, which monitors all imports and exports by regulating the issuing of import and export licences/permits. This module is integrated to the FINSS vessel registry, species and compliance modules to enhance the ability of staff to eliminate IUU trade; and
  • Aquaculture Module, which comprehensively records all data relevant to the management of small-scale and industrial-scale fish farms.
Each module can be adapted to meet client specific needs and can exist independently of each other and of FINSS itself. Because the modules are web-based tools, they can be installed, administered, updated and managed remotely.

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