Sunday, May 16, 2010

DEA insists on illegally allocating BBWW Permits

On Friday 14 May 2010, the Department of Environmental Affairs insisted on allocating permits in the boat based whale watching sector despite lacking any legal authority to do so. We must admit that we find the current chaos befalling fisheries management in this country quite astounding. Where are the Ministers of DAFF and DEA? Have they not sat down and agreed to stop this ridiculous and unprofessional behaviour that is damaging the entire fisheries and marine eco-tourism sector?

DEA's insistence on allocating these permits when they have been repeatedly warned that it does not have the legal authority to do so will result in litigation which we are sure will see a High Court set aside DEA's allocation of rights. This will in turn will throw the BBWW sector into chaos only days before the FIFA World Cup when 1000's of tourists are expected to want to board safe, well-regulated BBWW vessels.

Will the Minister of Environmental Affairs lose her job? Will her senior management staff lose their jobs? Obviously not. They are after all only jeopardising the financial well being of yet another important economic sector in order to satisfy their pathetic egos.

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  1. How utterly typical.
    We were promised {LOL} that on Fri 14th all applicants would be informed of the allocations.

    Well for some of us that came and went - as has today [almost] the 2nd date they gave us for completion.

    How can it take over 6 SIX months to assess the applicants and once ,how long does it take to E them? 3 days or??? ????