Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Over Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December 2009, an international panel will be reviewing assessments of the local hake and abalone resources at a workshop being held at the University of Cape Town. The panel comprises Drs A Punt (USA), A Smith (Australia) and G Stefansson (Iceland).
While most sessions will be highly technical, with attendance by invitation only, the following sessions, to be chaired by Dr K Prochazka (MCM), will be open to a general audience:
Monday 30: 9-00 to 10-30 am - Hake
An overview of the approach used to set TACs for the hake fishery since 2007, and of an updated assessment proposed as the basis to revise this approach from 2011 (D Butterworth and R Rademeyer - UCT)
Tuesday 1: 9-00 to 10-30 am - Abalone
An overview of the status of the abalone resource, and a description of the model used to assess this status for Zones A-D (G Maharaj – MCM and E Plaganyi – CSIRO, Australia)
Friday 4: 11-00 am to 12-30 pm – International norms for fishery regulation
International norms for target abundance levels for fish stocks, and controls applied to stocks falling below such levels (Discussion session initiated by presentations by panel members)
Friday 4: Afternoon – Panel Report
Presentation of results of review and consequent recommendations by panel members
2-30 to 3-30 pm: Technical issues
3-45 to 5-00 pm: Broad overview
The broad overview will be presented at a level appropriate for fishery stakeholders and decision makers – there will be opportunity for some questions.
VENUE: Room M304, Mathematics Building, University of Cape Town
Enquiries: 021-650-2340

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